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Moist & Fluffy Dairy-Free Chocolate Cake (or cupcake!)

By :Olivia's on Bernard 0 comments
Moist & Fluffy Dairy-Free Chocolate Cake (or cupcake!)


Growing up, this was our go-to cake for celebrations and cupcakes. 

It's a very fast prep and bake and if you decide to use it for a slab cake, it makes a really great birthday cake.

Coffee is a wonderful addition to chocolate - it enriches the flavour and deepens the colour and complexity.  We double up on the flavour by pairing the Espresso and Dark Chocolate in this recipe, but you can choose to use just one. Using vinegar helps to activate the baking soda for a lighter, fluffier bake.  Bakers used to add a bit of vinegar to their chocolate cake to create the original Red Velvet recipes - the vinegar changed the colour of the batter to have a slight reddish-purple hue and add a floral complexity to the chocolate.






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