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Cuban Style Roast Pork

By :Olivia's on Bernard 0 comments
Cuban Style Roast Pork

One of my favourite movies is Chef!

In that movie you get to see the delightful John Leguizamo fire up the music and massage a massive pork shoulder with... amazing fruit and herbs.

My husband and I were instantly sent on a mission.  We've enjoyed (inhaled) Cubano sandwiches in Havana and never thought to enjoy those flavours outside of Cuba.  Traditionally, the marinade would include ingredients like bitter orange and key lime, not easily available in Canada. Cuban food is simple and relies on herbs and fruit for flavour more than expensive, imported spices.

I've reimagined the recipe using Olivia's Oils & Vinegars to match the myriad of flavours and herbs included in the recipe that we found online when we originally started looking.  Credit where it is certainly due, this recipe is loosely based on Roy Choi's recipe, but his has evolved just as mine has.  

Do this a day ahead!  Grab your blender and don't be afraid.  The marinade is going to be bright green, and smell like heaven.

Cook the shoulder on your outdoor grill.  We use our pellet grill, and place the shoulder on a higher rack with a drip pan with water in it on the rack below.  That helps create a fragrant steam. You can also use your gas or propane bbq, but remember to use offset heat - light one side of the bbq and place the shoulder on the opposite side or you'll risk the bottom scorching before it is cooked through.

Before you go... this tastes like heaven on Chicken, too. 

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