Rooster Spice

Rooster Spice

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Southeast Asia / House Blend

Heat, Umami, Earthy

The regional cuisines of Southeast Asia are incredibly diverse, but one constant is the use of hot chiles. We took inspiration from Indonesian sambal, Thai nam phrik, and Vietnamese tuong ot toi when we designed this spicy chili powder. Korean chile takes centre stage while garlic, ginger, citrus, and star anise provide an aromatic lift. We even added some African cayenne for the real chile heads out there. Try it sprinkled on grilled bok choy or use it as a dry rub for stir fried beef. We love it mixed with lime juice, minced lemon grass, and fish sauce to create a deliciously fiery paste that’s perfect with chicken or shrimp.


Ingredients: Korean Chile, Sugar, Garlic, African Cayenne, Lemon Crystal, Kosher Salt, Ginger, Star Anise, and Worcestershire