Melgarejo Hojiblanca Spain N17 EVOO

Melgarejo Hojiblanca Spain N17 EVOO

Crush Date:  November 2017


This oil has intense fruitiness, is fresh, complex and harmonious with notes of freshly cut grass, green tomato, apple and banana plus green almonds. The intensity of the fruitiness, together with its pungency and strong flavour, give this oil a good balance and persistence.


This oil won the Mario Solina Quality Award for its tines green fruitiness in the 2017 international Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition!

Biophenols: 565.9                               

FFA: 0.20

Oleic Acid: 77.4                   

Peroxide: 4.5

DAGs: 97.9                 

PPP: < 1.0

Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment: 

Fruitiness: 6.0   Bitterness: 4.0   Pungency: 5.5

Country of Origin:  Spain