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Our Oils

Our Oils

At Olivia’s, we source our oils from both hemispheres to assure the freshest and highest quality products all year long. We strongly believe that Extra Virgin Olive Oil is like fruit juice: highly perishable, healthier and more flavorful when consumed fresh. This is one of the reasons why we post the harvest date and chemistry on every EVOO we offer.  Our flavored oils are infused using only real ingredients, not chemicals. To name a few, try our fresh Basil, the ever so popular Garlic, Persian Lime or the rustic Wild Mushroom & Sage. These are only a small sampling of the many unique flavor choices, yet each one makes the possibilities and blends completely distinct as well as endless.

Olivia's Olive Oils are 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oils. Each producer of our oils and balsamics respects the high quality of their product as well as the legacy of their region’s culture and history. We are proud to offer their carefully selected products to our knowledgeable customers.