Advent Calendar Recipes 2020


2020 Advent Calendar starts very soon!

This is where we will be posting a "Featured Recipe" for each day of your "Flavour Exploration" 

The recipes have been selected to showcase the individual days' Oil or vinegar.  The 2020 Advent Calendar is amazing!  Be sure to try the oils and vinegars by themselves to help develop your palate;  Similar to wine tasting. Think about how you might use the oils and vinegars in your own recipes. You might experience some new flavours and we will provide you with many options for using these oils and vinegars; with some of our tried and true recipes from our staff and our loyal generous clients. 

Starting on December 1st, we will upload the featured recipe, and suggest other options and pairing ideas. You will be able to click on the product for more info on the flavour profile, and you will find the featured recipe with a link.

Our updated recipe tab will take you to other recipes options, with many new ones. You can also use the search tab to allow you to quickly look for recipes for specific products, food items or categories such as: "main", "sides", "desserts", or "libations"

We hope you have fun with the Advent Calendar, and enjoy some delicious new ideas for using Extra Virgin Olive Oils and amazing Balsamic Vinegars.

 December  1   (the recipes will be updated here daily)