Advent Calendar Recipes 2021


2021 Advent Calendar!

Find the Featured Recipe below for each day of your Flavour Exploration

The recipes have been selected to showcase the individual days' Oil or Balsamic.  Be sure to try the oils and vinegars by themselves to help develop your palate;  similar to wine tasting. Think about how you might use the oils and vinegars in your own recipes. You may experience some new flavours and we will provide you with many options for using these oils and vinegars; with some of our tried and true recipes from our staff and our loyal customers. 

Starting on December 1st, we will upload the featured recipe, and suggest other options and pairing ideas. You will be able to click on the product for more info on the flavour profile, and you will find the featured recipe with a link.

Our updated recipe tab will take you to other recipes options, with many new ones. You can also use the search tab to allow you to quickly look for recipes for specific products, food items or categories such as: "main", "sides", "desserts", or "libations"

We hope you have fun with the Advent Calendar, and enjoy some delicious new ideas for using Extra Virgin Olive Oils and amazing Balsamic Vinegars.

December  1   Olivia's Garlic Oil  Featured Recipe:  Tequila Shrimp with Garlic  Garlic Oil can be used anywhere you would use fresh garlic; in cooking, salad dressing, glazing meats and poultry. Pairs well with Ripe Peach, Pomegranate, or Sicilian Lemon, watch for these balsamic vinegars to come up soon!

December  2   Olivia's Ripe Peach Balsamic  Featured Recipe: Spinach Salad with Peach Balsamic & Walnut Oil  The peach balsamic is one of the most favorite balsamic vinegars, pair with the Garlic Oil from yesterday for salad dressing or for a sweet savory bread dip. Or try some in sparkling water for a nice refreshing beverage! 

December  3  Olivia's Basil Oil  Featured Recipe: Lemon Basil Flatbread this is a super easy recipe, or you could do a variation using the Garlic Oil and Peach Balsamic from the 2 previous days. Add to salad dressing or to add another layer to pesto. Pairs well with Grapefruit, Pomegranate or Sicilian Lemon balsamic.

December  4  Olivia's Strawberry Balsamic   Featured Recipe: Strawberry Balsamic Brie Melt Strawberry Balsamic is great for adding a punch to fresh cut strawberries, or any berries or drizzling over ice cream or cheese cake. Also for a bread dip with yesterdays Basil Oil, another all time favorite!

December  5  Olivia's Wild Fern Leaf Dill Featured Recipe:  Creamy Dill Mashed Potatoes. Dill is a mainstay in many homes, and the Wild Fern Leaf Dill is a super easy way to add a splash of spring to your meals. Drizzle on a fresh spring green salad, potato salad, new baby potatoes, or scrambled eggs. Pairs well with Neapolitan, Strawberry or Oregano Balsamic Vinegars.

December  6  Olivia's Sicilian Lemon Balsamic   Featured Recipe:   Caesar Salad Dressing or Coleslaw Dressing. Sicilian Lemon is a great way to add a softer version of fresh lemon to many recipes, also a great addition to sparkling water for a refreshing beverage. Try on salmon for a nice twist!

December  7  Olivia's Blood Orange Oil    Featured Recipe: Olivia's Blood Orange Pudding.  Blood orange is fantastic in salad dressings, add a fruity balsamic for bread dipping or sauté a chicken breast or some fish, very easy flavor burst! Pair with Raspberry, Coconut or Mango Balsamic Vinegars.

December  8  Olivia's Dark Chocolate Balsamic   Featured Recipe: Dark Chocolate Popcorn Drizzle.  The Dark Chocolate Balsamic is one of the most diverse balsamic vinegars, use as a drizzle on fresh fruit, in savory recipes to add depth, or add a fruity oil, like Blood Orange from yesterday for a great bread dip then you could use a slightly toasted French loaf, or Panettone for dipping.

 December  9   Olivia's Lemon Oil   Featured Recipe:  Chicken Piccata with Lemon Oil . This recipe could be a great show stopper dinner for guests or a fabulous everyday staple. Lemon oil is one of the most popular oils in Olivia's  collection, super diverse from everyday cooking, to adding to baking, to salad dressing or bread dipping. Basically anywhere you need a pop of citrus. Pair with Pomegranate, Neapolitan, or Cranberry Pear Balsamic Vinegars.

December  10   Olivia's Golden Pineapple  Featured Recipe: Yellow Tomato Salad or Pineapple and Mandarin Chicken. Golden Pineapple is a perfect addition to any salad dressing, or as a finishing drizzle on your stir fry, or marinade chicken, fish, scallops or prawns. Pairs beautifully with Garlic Oil, Basil Oil, or any of the citrus oils.

December  11   Olivia's Tuscan Herb Oil  Featured Recipe: Bits and Bites This recipe is an excellent healthy choice for snacking over the holidays...…or anytime!  Or try a new variation of Pizza; the Potato Pizza and use the Tuscan Herb in the dough and for drizzling on the finished pizza. Tuscan Herb is another super popular oil for everyday cooking, add a splash to roasted vegetables, add a small amount to salad dressing where you want a hint of garlic and herbs, or for a bread dip, just serve with a fresh crusty loaf. Tuscan pairs perfectly with Sicilian Lemon or Ripe Peach for that sweet and savory punch.

December  12   Olivia's Black Cherry  Featured Recipe: Cherry Chocolate Squares. Cherry and chocolate, what could be better? Black Cherry balsamic is another amazing dark balsamic that has huge depth, use for a bread dip, pre-glaze lamb, beef, game or pork. Or use in sparkling water for a refreshing beverage. Pairs well with Garlic Oil, Lemon Oil or Blood Orange Oil.

December  13   Olivia's Persian Lime Oil  Featured Recipe: Prawns with Lime & Coconut. Persian Lime, another excellent all around oil for anyone's pantry. Use this oil to sauté fish, chicken or pork. Great with spicy dishes like Thai or Mexican. Pairs beautifully Black Cherry, Strawberry or Peach balsamic.

December  14 Olivia's Cascadia Wild Raspberry Balsamic  Featured Recipe: Herbes de Provence Shrimp with Raspberry Mignonette. Cascadia Raspberry is a White Balsamic, with a super fresh intense raspberry taste, making you think you are eating fresh berries. Add Cascadia Raspberry to sparkling water, or fresh fruit of all kinds, or perhaps add Dill Oil for a fresh salad dressing for spring baby greens. Pairs will with Persian Lime, Garlic and Basil but only your imagination will hold you back from a taste sensation, be creative!

December  15  Olivia's Butter Olive Oil  Feature Recipe: Baklava.  Butter Olive oil is a game changer for many reasons; taste is at the top, but also great for vegetarians and is dairy free.  Made with 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a plant based flavor, making you swear it was real butter. Try it on Popcorn, use in baking, drizzle on mashed potatoes, or anywhere you might use butter.

 December  16  Olivia's Vanilla Balsamic  Featured Recipe: Hot Vanilla Apple Cider. The Vanilla Balsamic is a amazing add a drizzle to fresh fruit, cheese cake, baked goods, or cheese and fresh figs on a charcutier board. Vanilla is a standard, adding depth to many desserts, cobblers or crisps.

 December  17  Olivia's Hot Harissa  Featured Recipe:  Harissa Marinated Duck Breasts. Harissa could add exciting flavor to many everyday foods, like eggs, soups, stews, roasted vegetables, pizza, roast beef, pork or chicken. This oil is one of Olivia's Spicy collection, if it is too hot for your family, try adding some regular EVOO to smooth it out.  Pairs well with Golden Pineapple, Maple, Lavender or Strawberry Balsamic.

 December  18  Olivia's Maple Balsamic  Featured recipe: Maple Glazed Roasted Butternut Squash & Brussels Sprouts  Maple is another diverse balsamic, going from savory dishes to sweet desserts. Add to fresh cut fruit or berries, drizzle over pancakes or waffles, or ice cream, an amazing pre-glaze for almost all meats, roasted or BBQ or could be added to freshly cooked bacon.


December  19  Olivia's Wild Rosemary Oil  Featured recipe: Winter Grain Salad Rosemary Oil is super for adding depth of flavor to roasted or BBQ meats, beef, game, pork, chicken or lamb. Try roasted root vegetable of all sorts, including beets, parsnips etc. But could also move into a salad dressing or bread dipping, try Blenheim Apricot Balsamic, or Tangerine Balsamic. 

 December  20  Olivia's Honey Ginger  Featured Recipe: Oriental Chicken Salad Honey Ginger is a the perfect companion for Japanese Sesame Oil, a match for salad dressings, or dipping Gyoza. Try marinating fish, chicken or prawns with Honey Ginger, Garlic oil, Persian Lime oil and a splash of Japanese Sesame oil, just add a little soya and done.

 December  21  Olivia's Wild Mushroom & Sage  Featured Recipe:   Wild Mushroom Sage Croutons  or Mushroom Sage Roasted Squash. Mushroom Sage is the most versatile of oils in your pantry, this can be added to any cooking, roasted vegetables, salad dressings or drizzled on pizza, or for dipping fresh bread. An all around great base for many meals!

December  22  Olivia's Black Mission Fig Balsamic  Featured Recipe: Fig Balsamic Slow Cooker Chicken The Black Mission Fig Balsamic vinegar works well with many oils; and for many uses, from salad dressing, glazing meats, drizzle on cheese for a charcutier platter, and dipping bread. Need to spark up your Caprese Salad or Burrata Cheese, just a drizzle that's all you need. Pairs well with Wild Mushroom Sage, Basil or Chipotle.

 December  23  Olivia's Herbes de Provence Oil  Featured Recipe: Herbes de Provence Chicken  Another amazing olive oil, Herbes de Provence will add savory notes without being too forward, this oil is soft and subtle, with herbal delicious flavors! A great addition to roasted vegetables, Brussels Sprouts, asparagus, glazing meats including game and pork or poultry. Could be added to many balsamic vinegars, either dark or light for a great salad dressing or bread dipping. Pairs will with Olivia's 18 Year Reserve, Raspberry, or Wild Blueberry Balsamic vinegars.

December  24 Olivia's Cranberry Pear Balsamic  Featured Recipe:  Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Cranberries and Pecans  The most festive of all, the best for last, Cranberry Pear Balsamic is so delicious for many different applications. Use some in sparkling water, or a fresh salad dressing, glaze meat, pork or poultry.  Marinade prawns or scallops, and then de-glaze the pan with a little more, or fresh crusty bread dipping! Pairs well with Blood Orange, Lemon or Persian Lime, but creativity is key try Basil or Tuscan Herb.